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Research Projects

1. Role of adhesion on the properties of elastomer-plastic & elastomer – fiber composites.1986 (Sponsor : DST, New Delhi)

2. Tearing, fatigue & abrasion of carbon black filled rubber. 1987 (Sponsor : Phillips Carbon Black Ltd., Durgapur)

3.Development of tank track pads & studies of their wear resistance. 1990 (Sponsor : DRDO, New Delhi)

4.Band formation behaviour of rubber & rubber blends during milling.1990 (Sponsor : CSIR, New Delhi)

5.Development of heat shrinkable and radiation crosslinkable materials for cable application. 1990 (Sponsor : BARC, Mumbai)

6.Studies of heat development and fatigue properties of rubberised road wheel compounds and development of rubberised road wheel.1995 (Sponsor : DRDO, New Delhi)

7.Development and properties of oil & heat resistant novel thermoplastic elastomers from rubber-plastic blends.1996 (Sponsor : DST, New Delhi)

8.Crosslinking and surface modification of elastomers using electron beam irradiation. 1999 (Sponsor : DAE, Mumbai)

9.Radiation Processing of Filled Elastomers & Plastic Using Electron Beam Accelerator. 2003 (Sponsor : DAE, Mumbai)

10.Development of Thermoplastic Elastomers from Rubber-Plastics Blends for Better Weatherability.  1999 (Sponsor : DST, New Delhi)

11.Development of electron beam radiation crosslinked high performance plastics from engineering plastics. 1999 (Sponsor : BRNS, DAE, Mumbai)

12.Chemical Devulcanization of Rubber and Recycling of Rubber Scraps and Wastes. 2004 (Sponsor : Ministry of Environmental & Forests, New Delhi)

13.Crosslinking of Ethylene Based Copolymers by Electron Beam Irradiation. 2002 (Sponsor : NICCO Corporation Ltd., Kolkata)

14.Development of nano-composite rubbers and studies of reinforcement mechanism. 2003 (Sponsor : DRDO, New Delhi)

15.Development of polymer based nanocomposites. 2003 (Sponsor : MHRD, New Delhi)

16.Development and properties of polymer based Nanocomposites, 2001 (Sponsor : DST, New Delhi)


17.Blends of Brominated Isobutylene-Co-Para-Methyl Styrene (BIMS) with Other Polymers. 2003 (Sponsor : Exxon Chemical Co., USA)

18.Novel rubber based nanocomposites using nanofibers and nanographites : development, structure and properties , 2004 (Sponsor : DRDO, New Delhi)

19.Development of novel applications using electron beam irradiation : (i) improved extrudability of raw and waste polymers, (ii) adhesion improvement of polymer composite,  2005 (Sponsor : DAE, Mumbai)

20. Tack and cured adhesion of brominated isobutylene paramethyl styrene with other rubbers , 2005 (Sponsor: Exxonmobil Co. India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai)

21.Study on modification and properties of thiol terminated liquid polymers & polyurethane polymers by chemical reaction with nanostructured functional materials and nanosilica for space applications , 2006 (Sponsor: ISRO, Bangalore)


22.Fundamental studies on improvement of ageing and degradation resistance of hydrogenated nitrile rubber, 2007( Sponsor: LanXess, Germany)

23.Fundamental studies on structure and properties of nanocomposite rubbers for Tire Applications, 2006 (Sponsor : Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company,  Ohio, USA ).


24.Nanocomposites for electronics, light yet strong engineering applications, coating fuel cell and clean energy , 2010 (Indo-Australia project)

25.Preparation and characterization of rubber nanocomposites, Bridgestone Corporation, Japan, 2014


26.From fundamentals to applications of nanoparticles assemlies , 2014, Indo-US project with the University of Houston and Columbia University, USA

27.Study on the improvement of heat resistance and mechanical strength of DENKA ER, 2015, DENKA Corporation, Japan

28.Frontier methods of preparation and characterization of rubber nanocomposites, 2014, Bridgestone Corporation, Japan

29.Development of natural graphite and graphene based rubber compositions for tyre and non tyre applications , 2015, BIRLA CARBON

30.Development of advanced polymeric materials, 2016,  Bridgestone Corporation, Japan


31.Development of High Performance Rubber Composites using New Generation Materials for  Application in Tyre, 2017, Ucchatar Aviskar Yojana , MHRD, Govt. of India

32. Design and development of silica analogues for synthetic rubber reinforcement , Reliance Industries Ltd. 2017

33. Effect of High Pressure and High Temperature on The Degradation of Fluoroelastomer Vulcanizates, 2019, Schlumberger

34. Development of Advanced Polymer Processing and Characterization Facility for Enabling Materials Research Towards Sustainable Communities and Infrastructure, 2020, University of Houston

35. Effect of High Pressure and High Temperature on The Degradation of Fluoroelastomer Vulcanizates, 2021, Schlumberger

36. High Pressure Experiments with Polymers: Sorption of Gases and Devulcanization of Waste/Aged Polymers, 2023, Schlumberger

37. Investigations on Durability of Elastomers at High Pressure and High Temperature, 2023, Halliburton

Consultancy Projects

  1. Development of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes – Supersilk Products, Kharagpur
  2. Development of rubber seals & diaphragms – P.K. Enterprise, Calcutta.
  3. Development of rubber solution for rubber repair – Dey’s Chemical, Kharagpur
  4. Development of return idler and impact idler – TRF, Jamshedpur
  5. Development of adhesive for concrete to concrete joints – Anuvi Chemical, Mumbai
  6. Development of rubberised rail pad – D.K. Steel, Calcutta
  7. Development of special tyre flap – Hercules Polymer Ltd., Asansol
  8. Development of flue duct expansion joints – K.E. Burgemann Fiber India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
  9. Development of pinch roller and belt for tape deck recorder – Packwell Indutries Ltd., Delhi
  10. Development of rubber ground pad – Packwell Indutries Ltd., Delhi
  11. Development of low loss rubber compounds for conveyor belt – Phoenix Yule Ltd., Kalyani
  12. Analysis of a failure hose samples Pix Transmission Ltd., – Nagpur
  13. Development of polymer blend Packwell Industries, – New Delhi
  14. Analysis of elastomeric bridge bearings METCO, – Kolkata
  15. Development of cycle tube puncture solution Sun Rubber Industries, – Madurai
  16. Mechanical analysis of samples Phoenix Yule Ltd., – Kalyani, West Bengal
  17. Advise on cable compound , NICCO Corporation Ltd., – Kolkata
  18. Polymer analysis and formulation development MGM Rubber Co., – Kolkata
  19. Evaluation of steel wire Pix Transmissions Ltd., – Nagpur
  20. Testing of EPDM rubber based test slabs and test buttons MGM Rubber Co., – Kolkata
  21. Development of rubber & polymer clad rolls at cold rolling mill complex of TATA steel TATA Steel, – Jamshedpur
  22. Development of polymer blends, Phase-I Sethia Finance & Trading Co., – New Delhi
  23. Analysis of bumper polymer TATA Steel, Jamshedpur
  24. Identification of rubber sample supplied M/s PIX Transmissions Ltd., – Nagpur
  25. Analysis of elastomeric bearing Second Viveka-nanda Bridge Tollway Co. Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata
  26. Studies of the technical requirements of elastomeric inflatable seals, IGCAR, Kalpakkam
  27. Analysis of Rubber Compound Tega Industries Ltd., Barapukur
  28. Chemical and physical properties of rubber Office of the Commissioner of Customs Kolkata
  29. Utilization of waste rubber Elin Electronics Ltd., New Delhi
  30. Estimation of contact angle and surface energy, INARCO LTD. Gujarat
  31. Development of fire resistant energy optimized belt Phoenix Yule Limited, Kolkata
  32. Thermoplastic elastomers GE Industrial Plastics, Bangalore
  33. Ageing, failure analysis and life estimation of rubber seals of military aircraft (LERS) Regional Center for Military Airworthiness, Ministry of Defence, Nasik
  34. Control of Mooney Viscosity of Devulcanized Rubber, SE Power, Vadodara, Gujrat
  35. Development of improved adhesive system for ultra heat resistance conveyor belts used at high temperature , TATA STEEL
  36. Influence of haritsil filler in rubber compounds , Haritson Ltd.
  37. Advanced rubber compounds for tyre, JK TYRE
  38. Development of rubber clad rolls used in the PLTCM and the ECL sections of the cold rolling mill complex , TATA STEEL
  39. Joint life improvement of the conveyor belts being used in Tata Steel, TATA STEEL
  40. Development of thermoplastic elastomers from waste, Packwell Industries Ltd.
  41. Development of Improved Rubber Compounds in Cold Rolling Mill Complex TATA STEEL, Jamshedpur
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