Anil K. Bhowmick

Professor of Eminence, Rubber Technology Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur – 721302, West Bengal, INDIA, Phone : 03222-283180, Fax : 03222-220312, E-mail :


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Names of the industries by which technologies have been used:



Name of the Development

User Industry


Development of Tank Track Pad for MBT Arjun (336 pads per tank)

DRDO, New Delhi, CVRDE, Madras, Sundaram Industries, Madurai, Mechon Engineering, Bombay


Development of Heat Shrinkable and Radiation  Crosslinkable Materials for Cable Applications

NICCO, Calcutta


Development of a Series ofThermoplastic Elastomers from Rubber-Plastic Blends

BATA, Calcutta



Development of Superior Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

Gupta Rubber Industry, Saharanpur, UP


Development of Rocket Insulator Compound      

ISRO, Bangalore


Development of Moisture Crosslinkable Cable Materials

Fort Gloster Industries Ltd., Bauria, Howrah


Development of Flame Resistant Low Smoke Compound

Fort Gloster Industries Ltd.,

Bauria, Howrah


Development of Fluoroelastomer Seals for Gun-Recoil System

DMSRDE, Kanpur


Development of Cap & Base Formulations for Improved Tire Performance

Modi Rubber Co., Modipuram



Development of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes

Supersilk Products, Kharagpur


Development of Rubber Seals & Diaphragms

P.K. Enterprise, Calcutta


Development of Dynamic Test Method for Cord-Rubber Adhesion

J.K. Tyre, Kankroli, Rajasthan


Development of Tack Test Method for High Tack Materials

Neolac Rubber Co., Calcutta


Development of Rubber Solution for Rubber Repair

Dey’s Chemical, Kharagpur


Development of Return Idler & Impact Idler

TRF, Jamshedpur


Development of Adhesive for concrete to concrete joints

Anuvi Chemicals, Bombay


Development of Rubberised Rail Pad

D.K. Steel, Calcutta


Development of Special Tyre Flap

Hercules Polymers Ltd., Asansol


Development of Flue Duct Expansion Joints

K.E.Burgemann Fiber India Pvt. Ltd., Madras


Development of Pinch Roller and Belt for Tape Deck Recorder

Packwell Industries, New Delhi


Development of Rubber Compounds for Road Wheel in Tank

Madras Elastomer Limited, Madras and CVRDE, Madras


Development of Rubber Grooved Pad

Packwell Industries, New Delhi


Development of low rolling resistance conveyor belt compounds

Phoenix-Yule Ltd., Kolkata


Development of rubber and polymer clad rolls at cold rolling mill complex

TATA STEEL, Jamshedpur


Utilization of polymer waste

Elin Electronics, New Delhi


Thermoplastic Elastomer Development

GE Advanced Technology Center, Bangalore


Development of fire resistant conveyor belt compounds

Phoenix-Yule Ltd., Kolkata


Studies on the technical requirements of elastomeric inflatable seals

Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam


Ageing, failure analysis and life estimation of rubber seals of military aircraft

Regional Center for Military Airworthiness, Ministry of Defence, Nasik


To control  Mooney Viscosity of Reclaim Rubber below 100 and develop high strength ( 12-14Mpa ) Reclaim Rubber

Phoenix , Vadodara


Development of various tyre and non-tyre rubber compounds  using green silica

Haritsons Mintech Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur


Development of improved adhesive system for ultra heat resistant conveyor belts used at high temperature




Development of Improved Rubber Compounds in Cold Rolling Mill Complex

TATA STEEL, Jamshedpur

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